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Suggesting changes to resources

Users of the catalog can make suggestions to resources to further improve the content. The suggestions go through an approval process and are accepted or rejected by admins.

On which resources can you propose modifications?

  • Datasets and projects users can discover or view

  • Users with View access to catalog at the organization level: Users can suggest changes to all collections and all resources in the collections.

  • Users with View access to a specific Collection: Users can suggest changes to the collection and all resources in it.

Suggesting changes

As a user of the catalog you will not always have edit access to resources available it it. But, if you find errors in the content or want to enhance the content, you can either start a discussion on the term, or better, suggest specific changes to the resources using the suggestions feature.

To suggest changes:

  1. Browse to a project, dataset, collection, or a resource in the collection.

  2. Click the Suggest changes link.

  3. In the Suggest changes window, make suggestions by editing the values in the fields. Click the Review changes button.

  4. On the next screen, see the summary of your suggestions and click the Save changes button.

    Users who can review the changes are notified through emails and in-app notifications about your suggestions.

  5. A new Suggestions tab is added to the resource page where you can view all your suggestions. If you want, you can also remove your suggestion from here.

Approving suggested changes

As users start using the resources in the catalog they might have suggestions to improve the content of the resource, suggest better tagging, or other such things. Users will use the Suggest edits feature available for each resource to submit their suggestions.

Who can approve these suggestions

  • Collections, resources in collection: Users with Edit access and Manage access at a collection level or at the catalog level.

  • Datasets and projects: Users with Edit access or Manage access to the dataset or project and Edit catalog or Manage catalog access at the catalog level.

To approve suggestions:

  1. When a suggestion is made, users with the appropriate permissions are sent an in-app notification and email notification.

  2. When you access the resource on which suggestions are made, you see an Approvals tab.

  3. From the Approvals tab, review the suggested changes and accept or reject the changes. Once you accept the change, it is reflected to all the users using the resource.