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Embedding hoots in data products


You don't need to do this task if you are planning to use the Google Chrome plug-in.

To embed the hoot:

  1. From the Hoot details page, copy the Hoot URL or the Markdown for the hoot. The selection will depend on what is supported by the application where you are embedding the hoot.

  2. Go the application where you want to embed the hoots and follow the instructions of the application to add the Hoot using markdown or using an embeddable URL.


The following walk throughs provide quick guidance on how to embed hoots in Power BI, Looker, and Tableau dashboards. Your experience will be different based on the data product where you are embedding the hoot.

Embed a hoot in Tableau dashboard:

Embed a hoot in Power BI dashboard:

Embed a hoot in Looker dashboard: