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Creating rich content for multiline fields

Make use of the available rich text editing features for multiline fields to provide users with an enhanced content experience.

This feature can be utilized for catalog resources, glossary terms, analysis, and collections. However, it is not applicable for projects and datasets. It is readily accessible for out-of-the-box summary and description fields, as well as any custom multiline fields added to the resource pages.


The following features are available:

  • Apply styles like bold, Italics, code

  • Add hyperlinks

  • Add headings

  • Add images

  • Add tables

  • Add code blocks

  • Add lists

  • Add math equations

To create rich content:

  1. Browse to the resource where you want to add rich content in the multiline field.

  2. In the Description, Summary, or custom field add your content and use the toolbar to format the content. Add rich text including headings and images.

  3. Add rich text including tables, math formulas, and tag organization members.

  4. Once you are done, preview and save your changes.