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Using business glossary

After you have established the business glossary for your organization, you can open it up to users to view it, search it, link the business glossary to different resources such as datasets, projects, tables, columns, etc. to add business context.

Users can also start discussions on business glossary and suggest edits to the terms created in the organization. This helps you crowd source inputs from your users and further improve the quality of the business glossary for the organization.

Associating business glossary with resources

Once you have created your business glossary terms you need to associate the terms with the resources in the application so that users of the catalog can find the terms in the right context, attached to the right resource, to be able to use the term definitions appropriately while using the catalog resources.

To add business terms as related resources:

  1. On the Business term page, click the Add a related resource button and from the dropdown menu select one of the available resources.

  2. The Edit a related resource window opens the tab for the resource you selected from the dropdown menu. You can go to the different tabs to associate the business term to the different resources. Once done, click Save changes.

  3. On the Related tab, navigate to the different sections to see the list of specific resources. Sort the lists by using the available sorting options. Use the Expand feature to view the resources in full screen mode.


    All the fields show hover text that include complete details about the field when the text cannot be displayed in the column view. For fields like Created and Updated hover over the field values to see the actual date and time information.

  4. When you are in full screen mode, you can navigate to the different related resource from that view. Click the Collapse button to back to the normal view.


Accessing business glossary terms as top concepts on search results page

To access the business glossary as top concept:

  • Business glossary terms get surfaced as top concepts on search pages. This concept card highlights the best matching glossary term. It presents at-a-glance the custom metadata configured by the catalog stewards including descriptions, technical metadata, related people, and resources. For details, see Understanding search results.

Collaborating on business glossary

As a user of the business glossary, you will not always have edit access to the glossary terms. However, you can use the discussion feature to interact with the stewards of the glossary to ask them questions, point errors, or make suggestions. If you have specific content change suggestions, you can always use the suggest changes feature to do that.

The Discussion tab captures all the communication between team members about the term. Either join an ongoing discussion or start a new one to collaborate with your team members on the project. You can also use this space to provide feedback.


To collaborate on a business glossary term:

  1. Go to the Discussions tab and start a new discussion or participate in an ongoing one. You get an option to Flag or Like comments in a discussion. Flagging notifies a moderator of potentially inappropriate content in the post.

  2. While adding comments, you can use Markdown and add images and links. You can mention users (using @user_name) to notify them about an ongoing discussion to get their attention and participation. Some important things to note:

    • When you do this for private resources only available in an organization, typing @ suggests only the members of that organization. It also shows a prompt to contact an administrator of the organization to ask them to allow others to have access to the organization. If you are an administrator, you get the option to invite other people to the organization.

    • For community resources, you get a list of suggested users from the community.

    • In both cases, only the users who have at least read access to the resource are notified. So make sure that when you are setting access for the users, you also give them access to the resource where they need to participate in the discussion.


Suggesting changes to business glossary

As a user of the business glossary, you will not always have edit access to the glossary terms. But, if you find errors in terms or want to enhance the content, you can either start a discussion on the term, or better, suggest specific changes to the terms using the suggestions feature.

To suggest changes to business glossary:

  1. Browse to the term you want to suggest edits for.

  2. In the appropriate section, click the Suggest changes link.

  3. In the Suggest changes window, make the suggestions by editing the fields. Click the Review changes button.

  4. On the next screen, see the summary of your suggestions and click the Save changes button.

    The users who can review the changes are notified through emails and in-app notifications about your suggestions.

  5. A new Suggestions tab is added to the glossary term page where you can view all your suggestions. If you want, you can also remove your suggestion from here.