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Approving access requests

Once a access request is submitted, the users who are authorized to approve the request are notified about it via an email and in-app notification.

To review and approve an access request:

  1. From the email in your inbox, click the View task button to navigate to the access request.

  2. If you are already in the application, click the Tasks icon on the Left sidebar to go to the list of access requests. You will see a list of all tasks for different access requests in the system. Locate a task that is not claimed by anyone. Click the Claim button. To review and complete the task, click the Review task button navigate to the resource.

    Alternatively, click the link of the request in the Task List to navigate to the resource page before claiming the task.

  3. From the Related tab, you can view the list of resources for which the request is submitted. Click the Claim task button to start processing the request.

  4. Once you are ready to approve or reject the request, click the Complete task button.

  5. In the Complete access request task window, click the Approve or Reject button and add the optional Description. Click Submit.

    Once you click the Submit button, notifications are sent out to the requester and other data approvers, if there are multiple levels of approvals.