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Preparing to run the Oracle collector

Setting up pre-requisites for running the collector

Make sure that the machine from where you are running the collector meets the following hardware and software requirements.

Table 1.



Hardware (for on-premise runs only)


8 GB


2 Ghz processor

Software (for on-premise runs only)


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JDBC Driver

Oracle database JDBC driver available here. The computer should have the appropriate JDBC driver on its file system. specific objects (for both cloud and on-premise runs)


You must have a ddw-catalogs (or other) dataset set up to hold your catalog files when you are done running the collector.

If you are using Catalog Toolkit , follow these instructions to prepare the datasets for collectors.

Setting up permissions

Run the following SQL statements to set up a new user with appropriate permissions to harvest from Oracle.

  1. Create a new user.

    CREATE USER ddw_user IDENTIFIED BY <pass>
  2. Grant permissions to the user.

    GRANT create session, SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE TO ddw_user;
    GRANT SELECT ON "<schemaName>"."<tableName>" TO ddw_user;

Update <schema> and <table_name> for each schema, table, or view you want to harvest.