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Creating and adding FAQs to hoots

Where do FAQs get used?

Add FAQs to Hoots to provide additional context to users when they are interacting with the hoot badge. You can assign an FAQ directly to a hoot or you can assign it to a tag or Sentry and any hoot that uses the tag or Sentry will automatically have the FAQ show-up for it.

For example, if you have a common tag (for example, sales commission) for all Sales Tableau hoots, associate the FAQ with the tag, sales commission, and all the Hoots using the tag will automatically get the FAQ.


Creating FAQs

  1. In the Hoot Admin space, go to the FAQ section.

  2. You are redirected to the list of FAQs already created for the organization.

  3. Click the New Question button.

  4. In the New Question window, set the following:

    1. Question: Provide the question.

    2. Answer: Provide the answer to the question.

    3. Publish to: Select a Sentry, Hoot, or Tag. You can choose to select these options at a later point. If you select a Sentry or Tag, any Hoot that uses the Tag or Sentry will show this FAQ.

    4. Publish: Select this option to immediately publish the question to the end users. You can choose to publish it later.

  5. Click Create Question.

Assigning FAQs to Sentries, Hoots, Tags

To assign an FAQ to Sentry, hoots, tags:

  1. In the Hoot Admin space, go to the FAQ section.

  2. Open an existing FAQ or create a new one.

  3. On the FAQ page, click the Edit button.

  4. On the Edit article page, in the Publish to field select a Sentry, Hoot, or Tag and make sure the Publish checkbox is selected.

  5. Click Update Question.