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Connect to data from the Integration Gallery

Create a connection from the Integration Gallery

To create a new virtual data connection through the integration gallery, go to the Database connectors section of the Integration Gallery and select the one you want to use:


From the connector screen select + Enable Integration to get to the configuration screen.


Note that some database connections cannot be used for live connections--they are only for collecting metadata. A full list of all data connections, how they can be configured, and how they can be used can be found here.

If the integration is already flagged as Enabled, select Manage to go to the screen where you can add a new connection or edit your existing connections:


Data connection configuration parameters

Here are the links to the configuration parameters used in the Connection Manager, and in the Integration Gallery:

Connection permissions

When you create a connection from the Integration gallery you are, by default, the owner of the connection. However you can also set any organization of which you are an administrator as the owner of the connection.

There are two compelling reasons for having most connections owned by an organization:

  • There is no loss of access to data when an employee leaves and their account is deactivated.

  • Federation across data sources is faster and more efficient if it uses the same connection.

Organizational-level connections are shared between admins of the organization and can be used by by all of them to create new live tables. Non-administrator users can only query and preview existing live tables.


Organization-owned connections can only be used to add data to datasets owned by that organization. If you are in organizations A and B, you cannot add data to a dataset owned by B using a connection owned by A.

With a personal connection, only the connection owner may create new live tables with the connection, and other members of the organization can query and preview live tables.

Test configuration

Enter all the parameters into the configuration window and select Test configuration to make sure it works. If it does, select Configure to save it. You can now use this connection any time you add data.


Add or modify a connection

Connections owned by an organization can be managed in the Connection manager whether they were created in the Integration Gallery or in Connection manager. Personally-owned connections must be managed from the Integration gallery.

To edit a connection from the Integration gallery go to Integrations and select My Integrations:


On the screen for the integration select the Manage tab. From there you can Add a new connection for this data source, or edit or delete one of the existing connections.



You will need your original credentials (password or key file) to make changes to an existing connection.