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Preparing to run the Infor ION collector

Setting up pre-requisites for running the collector

Make sure that the machine from where you are running the collector meets the following hardware and software requirements.

Table 1.





8 GB


2 Ghz processor



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JDBC driver

The computer must have the appropriate JDBC driver on its file system. specific objects


You must have a ddw-catalogs (or other) dataset set up to hold your catalog files when you are done running the collector.

Obtaining the driver

You need to obtain the Infor ION Compass JDBC driver and pass it to the collector.

  • In Infor ION, navigate to Config > Downloads > Get Driver and download the driver.

Obtaining the Infor ION API configuration file

  1. Obtain the file Infor Compass JDBC Driver.ionapi from your Infor-ION installation. Follow the instructions in the Infor-ION documentation.

  2. Place the file in a directory on the machine where you are running the collector via docker. For example, place it in ${HOME}/dwcc right next to the jdbc driver jar file.


    The file name must be exactly Infor Compass JDBC Driver.ionapi, with spaces and case-sensitivity preserved.