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Allowing community members to join organizations

Setting community visibility for the organization

Use the following settings to decide if community users can request access to the organization and suggest new resources for the organization.

  1. On the Settings tab, in the Preferences section, set the following properties of the organization:

    • Allow community members to request to join this organization: Select this option if you want users of the platform be able to request joining an organization.

      • When this setting is enabled, users can go to the Members tab of an organization and request to join the organization. Once a request is submitted, the administrator gets notifications in the application and as an email.

      • Also, an Invite members via link option becomes available on the Members tab, Members section. Copy this link and share with the users so they can sign-up to join the organization. You still get an option to approve the memberships requested using the link.

    • Allow community members to propose new resources: Select this option to allow community members to propose new datasets and projects to the organization.

    • Additional notification recipient: Specify an email address (like to receive organization notifications. Organization admins will continue to receive emails.

  2. Click the Save button.