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Action Center home page

Action Center (Eureka Action Center™) is a dynamic dashboard homepage that helps answer the question, What do I need to take action on now? It provides you easy navigation to the most useful sections of the product.

Table 1.



Browse card

A browse card is a quick navigation card added to the application home page to help navigate users to the important organizations, collections, datasets, and other resources in the organizations. It is an optional feature that can be set for private and single-tenant installations.

My organizations

List of all organizations you have access to. Hover over the icon for the organization to see its name and your access level. Click the name of the organization to navigate to the Organization Profile page.

Pending alerts

Act on the alerts that need your attention or click on See all alerts and notifications to go the the Notifications page to manage all notifications and alerts.

Recent activity

Activity feed of users and organizations you follow. To go to the list of recent activities for a particular organization, toggle to the organization from the All activity dropdown.

My recently viewed

Quick links to resources you have recently interacted with.

My recent bookmarks

List of your bookmarked resources.

Helpful resources

Links to documentation.


Trusted data providers

Community users see these additional widgets.