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About the Fivetran collector

Use this collector to discover Fivetran connectors, jobs, groups, sources, and destinations and perform impact analysis to understand how changes upstream to Fivetran connectors impact downstream systems.


The Fivetran collector can be run in the Cloud or on-premise using Docker or Jar files.


The latest version of the Collector is 2.210. To view the release notes for this version and all previous versions, please go here.

What is cataloged

Table 1.


Information cataloged


Name, Identifier, Creation date


Identifier, Succeeded at datetime, Failed at datetime, Created at datetime, Sync frequency, Name, Version, Daily sync time, Schedule type, Setup state, Update state, Pause state, Sync state, Connector type, Connected by user identifier

Connector Jobs

Run state (Failed time, Success time)


Name, Setup status, Destination type, Identifier, Region

Data source

Data source configuration properties, as configuration key and value pairs.

Database tabular source

Database name, Server, Port, JDBC URL

Non-database tabular source

Datasource ID, Name

Database schema


Destination database

Database name, Server, Port, JDBC URL



Relationships between objects

By default, the harvested metadata includes catalog pages for the following resource types. Each catalog page has a relationship to the other related resource types. If the metadata presentation for this data source has been customized with the help of the Solutions team, you may see other resource pages and relationships.

Table 2.

Resource page



Destinations within group, Connectors within group


Source associated to connector, group that contains this connector, connector job which was initiated by this connector.

Connector Job


Fivetran Data Source

Tables that this Fivetran Data Source connects to via Source (file or database), Connector that connects to this Fivetran Data Source

Data Source

Tables within data source. For non-database sources, tabular sources connected via data source


Tables within destination, group that contains this destination


Column within the table


Table containing the column

Lineage for Fivetran

The Fivetran collector identifies the source columns that destination columns sourced their data from (via copy / load operation).

The collector catalogs all database sources and destinations. Cross-system column-level lineage is currently supported for PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Snowflake.

Table 3.


Lineage available

Source database columns and tables

Downstream destinations that fields source their data from.

Authentication supported

The Fivetran collector supports the following method for authentication: