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Connect to datasets using the JDBC driver dw-jdbc

dw-jdbc is a JDBC driver for connecting to datasets hosted on It can be used to provide read-only access to any dataset provided by from any JVM language. dw-jdbc supports query access both in SQL ('s dialect - see details in our SQL tutorial) and in SPARQL 1.1, the native query language for semantic web data sources.


JDBC connects to data source based on a provided JDBC url. JDBC urls have the form

jdbc:data:world:[language]:[user id]:[dataset id]

where [language] is either "sql" or "sparql",[user id] is the id of the dataset owner, and [dataset id] is the identifier for the dataset.

Sample code (Java 8)

final String QUERY = "select * from HallOfFame where playerID = ? order by yearid, playerID limit 10"
final String URL = "jdbc:data:world:sql:dave:lahman-sabremetrics-dataset";
try (final Connection connection = // get a connection to the database, which will automatically be closed when done
             DriverManager.getConnection(URL, "<your user name>", "<your API token>");
     final PreparedStatement statement = // get a connection to the database, which will automatically be closed when done
             connection.prepareStatement(QUERY)) {
    statement.setString(1, "alexape01"); //bind a query parameter
    try (final ResultSet resultSet = statement.executeQuery()) { //execute the query
        ResultSetMetaData rsmd = resultSet.getMetaData();  //print out the column headers
        int columnsNumber = rsmd.getColumnCount();
        for (int i = 1; i <= columnsNumber; i++) {
            if (i > 1) System.out.print(",  ");
        while ( { //loop through the query results
            for (int i = 1; i <= columnsNumber; i++) { //print out the column headers
                if (i > 1) System.out.print(",  ");
                String columnValue = resultSet.getString(i);

Building dw-jdbc

dw-jdbc can be built from the command-line using mvn clean install.

Finding your API tokens for

When you need an API token for an integration, you can get it from your profile settings. Click on your user icon and choose Settings:


Both Read/Write and Admin tokens are provided. For the metadata catalog collector you can use the Read/Write token for the metadata catalog collector if you have write permissions to your organization's ddw-catalogs dataset.

More resources

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