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Generating questions for a collection

Use Archie Bot to suggest research questions and analytic hypotheses for database tables in collections.

They help data analysts, data scientists, and other data explorers get a sense of what kinds of questions the data might be able to answer by generating research questions within the context of a collection, using the metadata to start diving into the data to get answers. Not only does this help non-technical users who may not work in SQL every day but when a question is saved as a query to a project, this helps all future users who might have a similar question because they can find the query later via search!

To generate a list of useful questions for a collection:

  1. Browse to a collection that has tables in it.

  2. Go to the Contains tab and from the Tables section, click the Three dot menu and select Generate questions.

  3. The system processes the tables that are in the collection and then suggests a list of questions that the collection may be able to answer. Select any or all of the questions and save them to a project or dataset where you can generate relevant queries. Click the Add questions button.


    The dataset or project where you are saving these queries must have the actual database tables stored in them. Only then you will be able to convert these questions into queries and get meaningful insights on the data in the tables.

  4. You are taken to the Project or Dataset where you saved the questions. Launch the Workspace and you will see each question saved as a template for the query.