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Google Data Studio

With Google Data Studio, you can create informative and shareable dashboards and reports from your data.

Open a dataset in Google Data Studio.

You can easily open a dataset or query in Google Data Studio:

  1. From a dataset or query, use the


    option and select Google Data Studio in the resulting modal. You can also create a new data source by clicking here and entering the desired dataset or project URL. Click Authorize to authorize the connector and follow any instructions to authorize your account.

  2. GDS_2.png

    You may also need to authorize the dataset/project separately. If so, follow any instructions to authorize data.

  3. Add a query to choose the data you'd like to visualize.


    Example: Using

    SELECT *FROM books_uniq_weeks

  4. Click Connect in the top right of the page to connect your data.

Refine your data and begin creating reports

Google Data Studio gives you the option to refine your data by omitting or adding fields, changing field type and aggregation, and adding descriptions.

  1. View all fields included in your dataset and make any desired changes.

  2. GDS_4.png
  3. Click Create a Report, and use the Insert menu to begin creating your report!

  4. GDS_5.png

What next?

Here are a few things you can do with Google Data Studio and

  • Create a report using multiple chart types, text, and images to show comprehensive insights.

  • Share reports with your team to help them quickly & easily understand your data.

  • Add multiple data sources to your report using the Resource menu and choosing Manage added data sources.