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Data via a URL or RESTful API

Another common source of data is from a URL or RESTful API available on the internet. If you have a Google Sheets doc, e.g., you can add it to a dataset. As long as the data is on a site that's publicly accessible, you can sync it to if it's on a password-protected site with's option to add from a URL. Detailed instructions for adding and syncing data from a url can be found in the article Adding files from a URL. If you do not own the data from the web that you'd like to bring into, you can find out more about licensing and data in the article Licensing and data you found.

If you have data that is behind an API that you'd like to put on, data from Salesforce, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.--the best way to get it into a dataset is to use one of the superconnectors shown above. More information about our sales and marketing app integrations can be found here.