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Pricing for each subscription level

Pricing and user permissions align with three different subscription tiers:

Free/Student — Users with Free/Student licenses can:

  • Create unlimited knowledge graphs

  • Can share documents for viewing with an unlimited number of other users

  • Can view and comment on documents from up to 10 other users

Personal — In addition to the privileges of the free license, with the Personal license, the user:

  • Can Import and export knowledge graphs

  • Can edit shared documents

  • Is not limited to a 10-user restriction for commenting

  • Can share documents and receive comments from an unlimited number of other Grafo users

  • Can name versions

  • Can access up to six months of version history

  • Is limited to 100 concepts per document

Team - Along with all the privileges of the previous levels, Team users can

  • Share documents for editing with other users

  • Import documents with up to 1,000 concepts

  • Review 12 months of version history