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Data from real-time sources via streaming

You might have data that updates in real-time that you would like to put on This data could be something like log files, test metrics or tracking data. The best way to integrate this data into a dataset is to use's streaming API. Unlike the methods previously mentioned which pull data from the source on a regularly scheduled basis, data brought in through the streaming API can be pushed into a dataset based on a change to the original data. Because it's triggered by data events and not random time intervals, using the streaming API is the best way to manage real-time data. You can read more about streaming in our API Quickstart guide.

For those less comfortable with working directly with an API, also integrates with several superconnectors like IFFTTT, Singer, etc. While easier to use, they are less flexible and versatile than our own streaming API. You can see a full list of our superconnector integrations on our superconnector integrations page.