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Connect to all your data sources and replicate your data on with Stitch's best-in-class ETL service.

Choose your data source.

With Stitch's interface, you can easily choose data that you'll replicate to

  1. Create a free Stitch account and login.

  2. Click Add Integration and choose your desired data source.


After choosing your data source, you can quickly choose and configure as a destination for your data.

  1. Select as the destination for your data.

  2. Sign in with your credentials.

  3. Start replicating data!

Stitch will alert you if there is an issue with the replication of your data, but make sure to check out Stitch's documentation to ensure the correct setup of sources & destinations.

What next?

Here are a few things you can do with Stitch and

  • Choose multiple data sources to replicate all your data to

  • Customize the replication frequency for each data source, from every 30 minutes to every day.

  • Add team members to your account so they can view and collaborate.