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Configure & use a personal server.

Using a personal server is an easy way to run applications, allowing you full control over setup and configuration.

The following setup instructions will be using a personal server, skip this section if you are using Heroku.

  1. Choose Personal Server from the host options in the Choose a host panel.

  2. [Locally]: Create your server

    • InstallUse pip (Python 2.7 or 3.4+)

      pip install dwcontents

    • ConfigureCreate or update ~/.jupyter/ with settings:

      import dwcontentsimport osc = get_config()c.NotebookApp.contents_manager_class = dwcontents.DwContentsc.DwContents.dw_auth_token = 'YOUR_API_TOKEN'

      You can get your API token in your advanced settings.

    • RunAssuming jupyter and jupyterlab (optional) have already been installed, start as normal, for example:

      $ jupyter lab

  3. [On]: Click Continue, enter your server's URL, and open your notebook.


    If you'd like to use the same server each time you open Jupyter, remember to click the optional checkbox.