Finding help

We offer a number of different help resources for members, including a Slack channel, documentation portal, and a blog with great content. Here we've included details on each.


The Slack community can be wealth of knowledge, and even includes many of the data scientists and developers building the platform. If you have questions, especially beyond bug reports and functionality requests you should stop by and engage some of the expert users of the platform.

In order to request an invite please visit our Slack sign up page and enter your email address:


Follow the instructions to be invited. When your account is active, you can visit the Slack sign-in page to jump in to participate in the conversation!

Blog: Distinct Values

Our blog Distinct Values is a collection of content related to data catalogs, cultures, and communities. We strive to provide thought leadership, interesting news about our platform, and exciting happenings in related to data analysis and visualization.

Documentation portal has a robust documentation portal that can help with many of the tasks and questions that you may encounter on the platform. In addition to our docs portal we also have documentation on:

Still need help?

If you can’t find what you need, please contact our support team using one of the following methods: