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Data limits

The size of data files you can store on is set by your account plan. To see your file limits, go to your profile >settings> > billing. More information on free and paid accounts can be found here. Here's what we currently support:

Dataset Limits:

A dataset ingested by may have a maximum size of 1GB and up to 250 individual files. Datasets from live connections have no size limit, nor do metadata management datasets created by metadata crawling.

Individual File Upload Limits:

The maximum size for an individual file is 1GB. If you have a file that is larger than that, try compressing the file to get it under the limit, but note that it would then only be available for download due to size constraints.

Inference & Preview Limits:

Non-tabular files that can be previewed only display a file preview if less than 40k. Images will be displayed beyond that limit if possible.

For xls / xlsx, the file must be less than 100MB uncompressed for us to support query and data preview functionality.

For other supported data files, we will provide data preview and query capabilities up to 1GB.

For deeper details we have tables with specific size limit and timeout information. Please contact us if your application requires a greater number of files or a larger maximum file size.