API docs

Dataset selector

With the Dataset Selector, users can look for and pick the dataset or data project they want to use.


Integration steps

Step 1: Include https://widgets.data.world/dataworld-widgets.js in your html.

Step 2: Instantiate and launch the widget

var options = {
  client_id: 'example' // Your OAuth client ID
var datasetSelector = new window.dataworldWidgets.DatasetSelector(options);

datasetSelector.success(function (selectedDataset) {
  // This will be called when a dataset's 'Link' button is pressed
  // At this point, proceed with API calls that make sense in the context of your app

datasetSelector.cancel(function () {
  // this will be called when the user clicks outside the dataset selector to close it

// Shows the dataset selector

Step 3 (optional): Customize options

  • hideSearchBar: (boolean) hides the search bar on the widget

  • hideViewButton: (boolean) hides the view button on the search results. The view button links out to the dataset on data.world

  • linkText: (string) replaces the Link button text on the search results

  • query: (string) default query for search

  • tabs: (array) tabs to be shown on the selector. Available options are ‘search’, ‘authorized’, and ‘liked’. By default all tabs will be shown.