API docs

Content files

data.world is not limited in terms of which file types can be uploaded and processed (e.g. CSV, Excel, Json, etc).

You can and should promote the upload of any content that gives context to the data and aids reproducibility (e.g. images, interactive html documents, notebooks, scripts, etc).

Our growing list of supported file formats includes: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, svg, pdf, md, txt, ipynb (version 4 and higher), js, r, py, as, apl, bash, bas, bat, c, cpp, cs, css, d, dart, diff, go, html, ini, java, julia, kt, lua, matlab, nasm, ml, perl, php, ps1, rb, scala, sql, tcl, ts, vim, yaml, xml, asp, jade, tex, less, sass, scss, Dockerfile.Supported file types

As needed and possible, we’ll display a rich preview and/or source code when users access the file on data.world. For example: