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Onboarding users effectively will make all the difference when it comes to adoption and return-usage of your integration. Here are some things to consider when onboarding new users:

  • Is the product or language you’re using well known, or will users need some introduction to get started?

  • Are there any prerequisites for users to start using your integration? (Installed applications or libraries, version requirements, etc.)

  • Is there a way users can contact you with issues?

  • What are the primary tasks a user should be able to accomplish when using your integration?

Answering these questions will help you develop an onboarding plan that will help your end-users adopt quickly and continue using your integration in the future. Always keep in mind language & voice and use case to help guide users correctly so they can get the most out of your integration.

Check out the article on enabling data.world nodes in KNIME that helps users understand how to connect data.world and KNIME.Enable data.world nodes in KNIME extensions: