API docs

Language & tone

Make sure that when explaining your product to end users you keep it simple, informative, and approachable.

  • Using “you” or “your” is preferable to referencing “the user” (Ex: “Access your data and create charts with a few simple clicks”, instead of “Users can access their data…”).

  • Explain the functionality of your product clearly and directly in any area where you’re interacting with your users

    • Keep it concise and clear without trying to serve them too much information at once (break it up into smaller chunks if trying to convey a lot of information).

    • Let your voice through, but avoid being overly friendly or “cutesy”. You’ll want users to feel like they’re interacting with a human, but the most important thing is to always communicate your point clearly and effectively. Too many jokes, puns, or colloquialisms can distract from your point.

Remember that your users will come from varying backgrounds, races, sexes, and experience levels. You’ll want to direct any instruction to a variety of users.

  • Use you/yours/they/their instead of he/his or she/hers and avoid assuming specific knowledge from your users.

  • Stay away from jargon and slang, and make any action items short and specific.