API docs


An integration is typically created with a tool that exists in tandem with data.world and communicates back and forth often. Users will be using both your product and the data.world site, and the usage will be interactive in a way that allows for sending and receiving of data from data.world to/from your tool.

Some examples are:

  • data.world’s Slack integration to explore data and get notifications on updates

    • Uses webhooks to trigger event notifications and interaction

    • Gives users notifications when updates are made to projects, datasets, or users

    • Allows subscription/unsubscription to/from users, projects, and datasets

    • Provides expanded links to offer jumping-off points for data exploration

  • An integration with R’s DBI to quickly query data from R

    • Uses the Retrieve a dataset endpoint

    • Allows for quick import of datasets to R for querying

    • Utilizes R Studio’s Connections Pane to allow users to explore full datasets in R Studio