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Manage resources

On, all discrete items that you can act upon are resources. Resources can be metadata or data resources. For example, business terms, collections, datasets, projects, and insights are all resources. In this section we ill look at all the ways you can manage both your data and metadata resources.


Because one of the main goals of is to facilitate collaboration in and between teams, we have a robust system of notifications for a vast array of changes to a variety of resource types. While being in the loop is beneficial, it can also be overwhelming to get notified about everything that happens with our product (e.g., marketing emails), or in your organizations, projects, and datasets. We put you in control of what things trigger a notification for you with a number of configuration options you can set. The types of notifications you can manage include:

  • Notifications for datasets/projects

  • Marketing emails

  • Muting ALL email notifications.

Configure notifications for datasets/projects

There are two places where you can manage the notifications you get on changes to datasets or projects:

  • On your profile settings

  • On the dataset or project overview page

On your profile settings page is a list of all the datasets