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Sharing within an organization

Suppose you are part of an organization on and would like to create a new project or dataset. You can choose to create the resource in your own account or within the organization's account.

In both cases, you will maintain control over the dataset or project. You can invite contributors, change visibility from private to public, and edit it to your heart's content.

Individuals can share a dataset with an organization exactly the same way they share with other individuals. Just go to the Contributors tab on a dataset or People tab on a project, and use the Invite button to add the organization.

Once added, the organization's administrators will receive a notification they can accept or reject. If they accept the invitation, the dataset will then be shared across the organization's top-level members using the same permissions the organization received.

When you create a dataset or project you can choose whether to share it with the entire public, just an organization, or with no one at all.


To change the permission levels later, go to the Settings tab from the overview page and select Access and ownership.


From here you can grant or remove access to users by username, full name, or email address. Organizations can also be added using the organization name: