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Collections are sub-groupings of an organization's metadata resources . They are very useful for accessing and managing resources on a departmental or other smaller group basis. Your organization's collections are tiled on the bottom of the organization home page in alphabetical order:


On the organization homepage you can viewi the tiles for all of your collections, filter the collections shown shown using the filter bar or create a new collection with the + New Collection: button to its right:


When you select a collection to view from an organization's homepage you will see resources that are assigned to that collection on the Overview tab of the Collections page. The overview tab has a description for the collection at the top, information about the collection in the fields to the right, and lists of tables, business terms, and reports that are in the collection in groupings below the description:


The second tab on a collection's page is the Settings tab. This tab is where you can see who has access to the collection, and, if you are an admin for the organization, you can also delete the collection: