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Left sidebar

The left sidebar is the Global Navigation menu. Use the Global Navigation to access the various resources available to you. The icons displayed vary depending on whether you are in an organization or not, and if your organization uses glossaries.


If you are a member of at least one organization, you'll see the Organizations option in the Global Navigation menu. Click this menu item to access the list of your organizations. If you have access to only one organization, you are directly taken to the home page of the organization.


Create new organizations from the Settings page available from the Usermenu in the main header.


Click the tile of an organization to view it's profile page, which lists the resources, glossary, and collections in the organization. Depending on the components that the organization uses, these resources include datasets, projects, reports, tables, members, data connections, organization settings, and curated collections of the organization's resources.


Click the Data icon to get to the datasets that are available to you - all of the datasets that you own and all of the datasets to which you have access to in any organization.

In the Recently viewed section is the list of all the datasets you have recently accessed. In the All data resources section, you can see tiles organizing the datasets owned by you and other organizations.


The Analysis option in the Global Navigation menu is your link to all the projects and analysis which are either owned by you or by the organizations (of which you are a member).

In the Recently viewed section is the list of all the projects and analysis you have recently accessed. In the All analysis resources section, you can see tiles organizing the resources owned by you and other organizations.



This feature is available only for organizations that have the Enterprise license.

The Glossary icon in the Global Navigation menu takes you to a page that shows all the glossaries to which you have access. Like the other pages accessed from the left sidebar, the Glossary page contains your recently viewed items at the top, and links to the glossary for each of your organizations below.


Only Administrators of an organization can add, delete, and edit business terms in the Glossary. Basic Members and Content Creators only get a read-only view.


Click the Bookmarks icon to get to the resources you have bookmarked for easy access. If you have a long list of bookmarked resources, use the filter option to narrow


From the Bookmarks page, you can:

  • Open the Datasets, Projects, and Insights by clicking on it.

  • See who created the resource and when it was last updated.

  • Use the Info icon to see the Information Card for the resource. It gives you preview of what all is included in the resource and you can use this information to then decide if you need to navigate to the resource to explore it further.

  • Use the Three dot menu to access the following additional options for the resources.

    • Unbookmark: To remove the bookmark.

    • Open in workspace: To open a project in workspace, or to open a new project workspace for a dataset.

    • Add to project: To add a dataset to an existing project.

    • Preview: To preview an insight and then navigate to it.


Click the Notifications icon to get the list of alerts and notifications that you have received.

From the Notifications page, you get access to:

  • Alerts: These include invitations for you to join an organization, requests to access datasets and project. You can approve or reject these requests and invitations from this page.

  • Notifications: These include informational messages and a list of changes suggested by other members to make improvements to existing datasets. Click through to these suggestions to review and approve or reject the changes.