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Overwriting files on upload to the catalog

When you run a collector, the output file name is of the form [database name].[collection name].dwec.ttl. The result is that any time the collector is run more than one time against the same database and uploaded to the same collection, the output file will be overwritten. Overwriting the results when cataloging all schemas in a database is fine as the previously produced file is just updated.

However there are instances--e.g., when it is necessary to catalog one schema in a database at a time--where using the same name for the output file results in an overwrite of unique information as opposed to an update. In this case it would be desirable to have unique names for each of the output files before they were uploaded to a collection in the catalog.

Currently the way to achieve uploading of unique files from different schema in the same database is to:

  1. Disable automatic upload of the TTL files when running the collector

  2. Rename each output file with a unique name after running the collector

  3. Manually upload each of the newly created TTL files.