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Using the search bar

Sometimes you just want to get back to the last thing you viewed. A quick way to do that is to click in the search bar. There you'll see a dropdown with the last three resources (people, datasets, or projects) you accessed:


There is an autocomplete component to the search bar so as you type you see the most relevant people, datasets and projects for the string you are entering:


The search bar is where you can go to find a variety of resources across From it you can search for not only datasets and projects, but for people, organizations, data analysis, queries, specific resource types, and metadata. Places searched include:

  • titles

  • summaries

  • descriptions

  • tags

  • insights

  • column names

  • creator or owner

  • creation or modification dates

  • metadata

Besides searching for text anywhere in the data, you can also search the metadata for matches on creator, owner, tags, or modified date. For example, if you wanted to find all datasets owned by the user @us-usda-gov you could search owner:@us-usda-gov :


You can also use the search bar to search for multiple search terms. When you enter more than one text string into the search bar you will get results that contain all the strings in them. You can search for an exact match on a text string by enclosing the string in double quotes E.g., a search on "honey bee" returns the following:


Finally, you can combine operators to broaden your search results. E.g., if you wanted everything that had either cat or dog in it you could run the following search:


For all the ins and outs on using the search bar and a complete list of all the operators you can use, see the article on advanced search terms.Advanced search