Pricing for each subscription level

Pricing and user permissions align with three different types of subscriptions:

Free/Student — This user subscription is available free of charge, but with limited features. This type of user can create unlimited knowledge graphs, share documents for viewing with any number of users, comment on documents for as many as 10 other users. Such users can also view or comment on documents that have been shared with them.

Personal — This subscription level gives several advantages over a free subscription. One additional benefit is the ability to import and export knowledge graphs. While Free/Student users can only view and comment on shared documents, personal users can also edit shared documents. There is no 10-user restriction on commenting. Users at this subscription level can share documents and receive comments from an unlimited number of other Grafo users. In addition, users at the Personal level can give names to different versions of their documents and also can access 6 months of document version history. The is a limit of 100 concepts per document for this subscription level.

Team — This subscription level has one major exclusive advantage: Team users can share documents with other users for editing. It also offers a number of enhancements over the Personal level. Other benefits include the ability to import documents with up to 1,000 concepts per document. This Team subscription also offers 12 months of document version history, which is 6 more months beyond the Personal subscription.