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Grafo can import Turtle (ttl) files and OWL (RDF/XML) files.


The maximum size of an import is determined by the user's permissions. A user with Personal permissions can import documents with up to 100 concepts per document. A Team user can import documents with up to 1,000 concepts per document.

To import a document, click the Import button on the dashboard. Then, either drag-and-drop or click the Browse button to find the file you want to import.


Elements that are imported

The following elements are imported:

  • Concepts (Classes)

  • Attributes (Datatype Properties)

  • Relationships (Object Properties)

  • Specializations (Subclasses)

The following are also supported:

  • Object and Datatype Properties with union (owl:unionOf) as domain/range.

  • Property Restrictions with Existential Quantification.

  • Property Cardinality Restrictions.