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Sharing a document

Documents can be shared for viewing, commenting, or editing. Document sharing ability varies by subscription type:

  • Free/Student users can share a document with unlimited viewers and include up to ten commentors per document. This type of users can also view or comment on a document that has been shared with them, but they cannot edit thae shared document.

  • A user with Personal permissions or higher can edit any document that has been shared—irrespective of the document settings. Such users can also share their documents with an unlimited number of users for both viewing and commenting.

  • A user with Team permissions can share any document with anyone.


Learn more about user types and subscriptions in Pricing for each subscription level.

To share a document, click the Share button on the right end of the title bar.


Document link

In the popup window, you can click the Copy Link button to copy the link to this document to your computer clipboard.

Share by email

Another option is to share the document by sending an email message. Enter the email address of the recipient in the Invite by email field, choose the Invitee Permissions that you want to give to the person you are inviting, and enter an optional Message to the recipient.


Document sharing permissions

Users can be given one of four different access levels to a shared document:

  • Can View —They can only view the document, they cannot make comments, edit, or share the document with anyone else.

  • Can Comment — The userey can view and comment on the document, butcannot edit or share the document.

  • Can Edit — They can view, comment on, and edit the document. but cannot share it with other users.


    Users with whom you share the document must have Personal permissions or higher in order to edit the document. Free/Student users can only view or comment on the document—irrespective of the sharing permissions that you give.

  • Can Edit and Share — They can view, comment on, edit, and share the document.

Sharing a document with someone who doesn't have a Grafo account

When you share a Grafo document with someone who does not have a Grafo account, the invitation to share will contain a link to create a Grafo account.


Grafo documents cannot be viewed by anyone without a Grafo account. If the recipient misplaces the original email, they can create an account using the email address to which the invitation was sent on the Grafo sign in page. After verifying the account, the shared document will be visible in the Shared With Me -> Documents folder.


Editing permission levels after sharing

To view and edit perrmissions to a shared document, click the Share button and then select the arrow to expand the section and see who has access to the document.


Edit the permissions level for a user—including removing the user entirely—by clicking on the three dots on the right.


Sharing indicators

You can see who is currently viewing or editing a shared document from the avatars in the title bar.


When another user selects an object, it will display a small indicator the same color as the user's avatar.


Documents shared with me

Any documents that are shared with you will appear in the Shared With Me section of the dashboard. Learn more about shared documents in Documents Shared with Me.