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Left sidebar

The left sidebar of every screen is a global navigation menu. This sidebar is a your navigation portal to all the resources to which you have permissions on The icons displayed there will vary depending on whether you are in an organization or not, and if your company uses our metadata catalog:


If you are in one or more organizations, the first icon on the left sidebar is the Organizations icon. It links to a page with tiles for all the organizations you are in:


Selecting an organization takes you to that organization's home page, which in turn contains links to all of the organization's resources including (depending on the components the organization uses) datasets, projects, business terms, reports, tables, members, data connections, the organization settings, and curated collections of the organization's resources:


The next icon on the sidebar is for your Data. Unlike the Data tile on an organization home page, the Data icon on the sidebar takes you to a page where you can access all of the datasets that you own, as well as all the datasets to which you have access in any of your organizations:


At the top of this page is a linked list to all the datasets you've accessed recently. Below that are tiles organizing the datasets by who owns them. The tiles link to lists of the datasets grouped by owner.


The Analysis icon on the sidebar is your link to all the projects and dashboards either owned by you or by your organization in which you're a member:


This page serves as a jumping off point to your recently viewed projects and dashboards. And like the Data page, it has a linked list to all the analysis resources you've accessed recently. The tiles show all the analysis resources either you own or which are owned by any of your organizations.


If your company uses one or more business glossaries, the Glossary link on the sidebar takes you to a page that shows all the glossaries to which you have access. Like the other pages accessed from the left sidebar, the page has your recently viewed items at the top, and links to your organizations' glossary lists below:


The next icon down on the sidebar links to your Bookmarks. Bookmarks are quicklinks to resources you access often:


From the Bookmarks page you can:

  • Open the resource by clicking on it

  • See who created it

  • See when it was last updated

  • See what tags are used in it

On the three-dot menu to the right of the name are options to:

  • Unbookmark it

  • Open it, if it's a project

  • Add it to an existing project, if it's a dataset

  • Open a new project workspace for it, if it's a dataset


The last of the menu items on the upper left of the sidebar is for Notifications:


The Notifications page contains Alerts, which are items like requests for you to join or contribute to a project and Notifications. Alerts require an action on your part--accept or decline--before the action takes effect. Notifications are informational in nature only--they don't require action from you.