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Postgres Proxy

Postgres Proxy enables BI and data science tools that use PostgreSQL to connect directly to datasets and projects on data.world by making the resources look like PostgreSQL databases. Power BI "Direct Query", e.g., can be used with PostgreSQL databases and now also with data.world datasets and projects--with no additional integration required. Postgres Proxy combined with data.world's federated query capability allows you to create even more powerful analyses from a wide variety of data sources. This functionality is currently in beta release.

Configuring Postgres Proxy on data.world

To use Postgres Proxy on data.world, you first need to create a PostgreSQL connection in your BI Tool for the dataset or project you want to analyse. Open your BI tool and create the connection with the following parameter values:

host: postgres.data.world

port: 5432

db: agentid/datasetid

user: {your data.world user id}

pass: {read/write token} 


For single tenant customers, set host to postgres.{site}.data.world

You can find the agentid/datasetid in the URL for the resource:


The read/write token is located in the Advanced settings in your profile. More information about your API tokens can be found here.