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Define content for SDK host

If you want to connect to the public data.world api server you will use the default settings. Howwever if you want to connect to a private data.world environment (e.g., your_org.data.world), you can use environment variables to define the host:

def create_url(subdomain, environment):
    if environment:
        subdomain = subdomain + '.' + environment

    return 'https://{}.data.world'.format(subdomain)

API_HOST = environ.get('DW_API_HOST', create_url('api', DW_ENVIRONMENT))
DOWNLOAD_HOST = environ.get(
    'DW_DOWNLOAD_HOST', create_url('download', DW_ENVIRONMENT))
QUERY_HOST = environ.get('DW_QUERY_HOST', create_url('query', DW_ENVIRONMENT))