Enterprise docs

Install and configure the data.world R package.

Using an R console (like R Studio), you can use the data.world R package to run queries, import datasets, upload data, and more.

Install the data.world package for R:

devtools::install_github("datadotworld/data.world-r", build_vignettes = TRUE)


Note: You will need to have the devtools package for R installed to run the previous command. If that is not already installed, you can install it from CRAN using the command install.packages("devtools")


Configure the package with your API token.

saved_cfg <- data.world::save_config("YOUR API TOKEN")data.world::set_config(saved_cfg)


View the Quickstart vignette to view more information on the data.world package.

library(data.world)vignette("quickstart", package = "data.world")