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Connect to all your data sources and replicate your data on data.world with Stitch's best-in-class ETL service.

Choose your data source.

With Stitch's interface, you can easily choose data that you'll replicate to data.world:

  1. Create a free Stitch account and login.

  2. Click Add Integration and choose your desired data source.

Connect data.world.

After choosing your data source, you can quickly choose and configure data.world as a destination for your data.

  1. Select data.world as the destination for your data.

  2. Sign in with your data.world credentials.

  3. Start replicating data!

What next?

Here are a few things you can do with Stitch and data.world:

  • Choose multiple data sources to replicate all your data to data.world.

  • Customize the replication frequency for each data source, from every 30 minutes to every day.

  • Add team members to your account so they can view and collaborate.