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Collections are organization-defined groupings of resources. They are very useful for organizing the resources in useful categories. Certain resources, like Business Terms, require a collection. Note that the same resource can belong to different collections.

On the organization's homepage you can view the tiles for all of your collections, filter the collections shown using the filter bar or create a new collection with the New Collection button.




Click a collection on the organization's homepage to see resources that are assigned to that collection. The Overview tab has a description of the collection and an About this collection section.

It also lists the tables, business terms, and analysis that are in the collection. Use the Info icon next to each resource to see the Information Card for that resource. It gives a brief description of the resource and the tags assigned to it. You can use this information to then decide if you need to navigate to the resource to explore it further.


On the Settings tab you can see who has access to the collection, and, if you are an admin for the organization, you can also delete the collection.