Enterprise docs

Organization home page

Each organization has a home page, which is accessible by selecting the Organization's name at the top of any dataset or project. Whenever you select an organization to view, you will be taken to the organization's home page. It is divided into two sections--one for resources, and one for collections.


Resources: The resource tiles you see on the home page are determined by your permissions, and by the data.world components used by your organization. The resources you see can include:

  • Datasets - The data and metadata for your organization.

  • Projects - The projects for your organization.

  • Business terms - Business glossary terms used by your organization.

  • Analysis - Reports generated from analysis of your data in a project.

  • Tables - All the tables in your datasets.

  • Other resources - This includes generic resources imported in the application, like, Looker Explorer, Data Artifacts, etc.

  • Members - A link to the Members tab on your organization's profile page.

  • Connection manager ( visible if you are an administrator for your organization) - a list of the virtual connections to the data sources used by your organization.

  • Settings (if you are an administrator for your organization) - A link to the Settings tab on your organization's profile page.

Collections: On the bottom of the screen are the organization's collections. Collections are groupings of resources created by the members of the organization. The purpose of collections is to facilitate access to the large amounts of data that enterprises have. You get an option to create new collections from this screen.

The collections shown in the following sample image are just examples of the kind of categorizations you can do.