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Enhanced security and privacy features

In addition to requiring a single sign-on (SSO) to access your organization’s data, organizations on data.world can have additional enhanced security and privacy features enabled to prevent the accidental sharing of confidential information. In this article we’ll cover:

  • Enhanced security and privacy features

  • How to get the features enabled or disabled

  • Support implications


The following features are available to be enabled per organization on data.world:

  • Disable Open Datasets and Projects - This feature disables the option to make a resource on data.world “Open” for our wider community. The option will not be presented as a setting for any resource, and the default privacy will be “Private” for all resources.

  • Disable Guest Authorizations - Requires any contributor to a dataset or project to be an existing member of your organization. This prevents a dataset admin from adding the wrong “John Smith” to a resource, for example. Combined with SSO, this feature makes it so only proven organization members can receive invites to resources.

  • Disable Share URLs - Removes the ability to create “Share URLs” of resources or data on data.world. Typically these URLs are used for the easy sharing of data without requiring the recipient of a share URL to be logged into data.world.

  • Disable Organization Member Invites - Requires that all organization members be provisioned through SSO. This feature disables the ability to invite community members directly to your organization. Any and all organization members would have to join the organization through your SSO provider, such as clicking on the application link or tile in most SSO provider’s home pages, like Okta or Azure ADFS.

How to get features enabled or disabled

Email support@data.world to enable any of the above listed features for your organization.

Support implications

Enabling any or all of these features can change the typical experience of using data.world. For example, Disable Guest Authorizations will prevent our support and solutions staff from having direct access to a resource, and Disable Open Datasets and Projects will prevent you from publishing an Open dataset on data.world under your organization’s namespace, even if the data was meant to be Open.