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Technical lineage server MANTA

The technical lineage server, powered by MANTA, connects to source systems like databases, ETL tools, and BI tools, analyzing SQL and other code and configuration assets where applicable, and generates holistic, cross-system technical data lineage. The technical lineage server is always self-hosted by the customer, similar to self-hosted DWCC.

This article provides a high-level summary of prerequisite information. For official information and additional details, see the supplemental documentation “MANTA Flow Installation and Usage Manual”.

Technical lineage server (MANTA), also known as MANTA Flow, is made up of three major components:

  • MANTA Flow CLI—Java command line application that extracts all scripts from source databases and repositories, analyzes them, sends all gathered metadata to the MANTA Flow Server, and optionally, processes and uploads the generated export to a target metadata database

  • MANTA Flow Server—Java server application that stores all gathered metadata inside its metadata repository, transforms it to a form suitable for import to a target metadata database, and provides it to its visualization or third-party applications via API

  • MANTA Admin UI (runs on the MANTA Flow Service Utility application server)—Java server application providing a graphical and programming interface for installation, configuration, updating, and overall maintenance of MANTA Flow (detailed documentation can be found on the page MANTA Admin UI)

A dedicated machine is recommended for MANTA to avoid collision for resources and limit access of MANTA to other data and applications for security reasons.

Minimum Configuration

CPU - 4 cores at 2.5 GHz

RAM - 12 GB

HDD - 500 MB for MANTA installation + 50 GB space for metadata; minimum 150 IOPS

Recommended Configuration

CPU - 8 cores at 3 GHz

RAM - 24–256 GB

HDD - 500 MB for MANTA installation + 100–300 GB space for metadata; SSD, minimum 2000 IOPS

Software Requirements

OS- Windows 7/Server 2008 or newer, Linux or Solaris, Mac (without installer)

Java - JRE (Java Runtime Environment) version 8 (update 151) or higher (for a 64-bit architecture) is a prerequisite for MANTA. JRE is NOT part of the MANTA package. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to obtain JRE. The versions tested by MANTA are OpenJDK and Oracle. Each distributor has its own licence conditions, and it is up to the customer to fulfill those conditions; MANTA is not in any way responsible for the customer ́s compliance with the required conditions.

User Access Requirements - Dedicated OS user with limited privileges under which MANTA will run. This is not required but highly recommended to limit access of MANTA to other data and application for security reasons.

Java Installation Instructions - Every MANTA product requires Java installation, specifically Java Runtime Environment (JRE). JRE version 8 update 151 or higher (for a 64-bit architecture) is a prerequisite for MANTA.

Installing the technical lineage server and configuring and running your first lineage analysis

For detailed instructions on how to install the technical lineage server (MANTA) and run and schedule your lineage analysis, see the supplemental documentation file “MANTA Flow Installation and Usage Manual”.