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Metadata management

What is metadata? Metadata comes in many forms. The metadata for a database table, for example, would include the names and data types for each of the columns in the table. But not all metadata is technical information--some of it contains information that makes the data easier to use by data consumers or data analysts. This metadata might not even be stored in your data source at all--it could be kept in spreadsheets or other documents and might have information on:

  • The status of the data - current, approved, deprecated, etc.

  • The lineage of the data - where did it come from

  • The name of the person or persons responsible for managing the data

  • Definitions or common names for the columns in a table

  • Who has access to see or edit the data

No matter where your metadata is stored or what form it's in, it can all be pulled into a data.world metadata catalog and organized in a way for everyone to use it.