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SAML application configuration

The first thing you will need to do is create a SAML application for data.world. You will need the following configuration information to create this application:

  • Logo image - This is the logo image for data.world and it is found at https://query.data.world/s/opnoxp22o7tdd4k2yi4skd2bkvxbmu

  • Single Sign-on URL/Assertion URL - The specific data.world URL that SAML assertions should be sent to: https://data.world/sso/acs/{organization_id}. Replace {organization_id} with your organization's id which can be found in the URL of the organization homepage. For example the organization's ID for https://data.world/organization/nightowlcorp would be nightowlcorp , and https://data.world/organization/democorp would be democorp.

  • Audience URI/Entity ID - The unique SP identifier that dictates the entity or audience for which the SAML Assertion is intended: https://data.world/sso/metadata

  • Additional attribute statements - These are used to help identify the user and are composed of an Attribute Name and a Name Format. We require firstName , lastName, and email.

    The Name Format for data.world is Unspecified. Examples of the Attribute Names for Okta and ADFS are as follows:

    • For Okta:

      • user.firstName - firstName

      • user.lastName - lastName

      • user.email - email

    • For ADFS (no namespace URI):

      • user.givenName - firstName

      • user.surname - lastName

      • user.mail - email