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Sharing and collaborating with other members of your organization

When you created your dataset, if you shared it with the members of your organization then they all have view privileges to it. If you didn't share it automatically, or if you would like to grant more access to some or all of you colleagues, you can make those changes back on the dataset overview page. To get back there, select View dataset on the left sidebar:


Then select the Contributors tab at the top of the screen:


Privileges can be set to discover only (see previews of the tables but not be able to see all the data), view the data, edit the data (including writing queries against it, changing the metadata, and adding new data), or view, edit, and manage:


Permissions can also be extended to individuals by clicking the Invite button. To invite someone you can enter either their email address, or full name or login name if you know them. You can also set the permissions to whatever level you would like and notify them with a custom message: