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Empowering search with Archie Bot

Use Archie Bot to discover data with a chat-like interface to quickly search, get suggested filters, and refine your results.

To use Archie Bot for search:

  1. Go to the Discover page.

  2. Click the Turn on Archie Bot link and select any organization for which you have enabled the Archie Bot features.

  3. In the Search with Archie Bot box, type what you are looking for using natural language. For example, search using terms like All approved Tableau dashboards. This will search for all Tableau dashboards that have an Approved status.

  4. Once the search results are displayed, use the Refine your search box by either using the suggested filters or by typing more text in the search box.

  5. To help train Archie Bot, give feedback using the Did Archie Bot interpret your search correctly? option.

  6. If you want to turn off the Archie Bot and use the regular search, click the Turn off Archie Bot link.