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Using Archie Bots

Archie Bots make it easier for users to use to discover data and unlock organizational knowledge – regardless of expertise level. Archie Bots integrate the power and flexibility of’s knowledge graph-architecture with large language models (LLM).


This feature is available only to Enterprise customers.

The key capabilities that Archie Bots deliver are:

  1. Discover data using AI-assisted search

  2. Auto-enrich data assets for greater productivity and understanding

  3. Guided ideation for deeper exploration

  4. Generate SQL with natural language to tap into deeper knowledge

This is a BETA feature and you can opt-in to try it out only if:

  • Your organization has read and signed the AI Addendum and requested access via support. Access is provided at the organization level, enabling you to request this feature to be activated in specific organizations within

  • You select the Enable experimental features option in your account settings.


Danger University!

Check out our Archie Bots course.